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Our Industry Leading Brands

At Supplement Group, we strive to bring new and exciting products to market on a regular basis. Our current brand list runs the gamut across all Health and Wellness categories. From functional food brands to extreme sports supplementation. Whether you're an elite athlete or an avid health nut, we've got what you need to achieve your goals!


Storm Lifestyles

The fuel of choice for all thrill seekers, norm-destroyers, and rule breakers. Shatter all expectations and take the world by storm. This halo brand is chock full of all the ingredients to take your extreme sports to the next level.

MPB Snacks

Some people think that baking the perfect cookie is science. We think it is chemistry – maybe even a love affair – between the ingredients and the baker that gives a cookie life. Keto options are available for carb conscious consumers as well.



The clearest, most refreshing protein drink ever made.

7 U.S. Patents, many thousands of man hours and a bunch of R&D dollars later, today fizzique is arguably the clearest, cleanest, most refreshing protein drink ever. Rehydrate and revive down to every fizzy drop!

Nature Soothie

The inspiration for Nature Soothie® started when our scientist mom founder, set out to find natural remedies to soothe her little daughter, when she experienced common ailments. There were some natural options on the market, but none in delivery formats that kids would actually take! On a mission to solve this problem, we created Nature Soothie® incorporating herbal supplements in honey lollipops... loved by children and trusted by adults!

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